Aviation Law


• Pilot and Mechanic Enforcement Defense
• Purchasing and Selling
• Shared Ownership and Leasing
• Financing Transactions

Have you heard the words “possible pilot deviation” from ATC and asked to call a number? Or received a “Letter of Investigation” from the FAA asking you to “contribute” to an investigation or a “Notice of Proposed Certificate Action” from the FAA enforcement attorneys?

Perhaps you are looking into buying, leasing or selling an aircraft or entering into joint aircraft ownership arrangements? Or worse, you already entered into such a transaction and have run into a dispute with your buyer, seller or co-owner.

A commercial pilot and flight instructor as well as an attorney with more than 30 years experience, Mark offers services in the areas of aviation regulation and has represented both pilots and mechanics in defense of FAA investigatory, administrative and enforcement actions. He is also a member attorney of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Legal Services Panel and accepts referrals for pilots covered by that program.

With his banking and business law background, Mark also assists both individual and businesses in the acquisition, sale, finance and leasing of aircraft and the formation of co-ownership groups. As a business trial attorney, he has also represented individuals and organizations in litigation over aircraft purchases, loan transactions and disputes arising among the members of limited liability companies and other entities formed for the joint ownership of aircraft.